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For many people running a business these days, there is a need to have an online presence. However the difference between a single page website and an eCommerce store with many hundred pages, will required very different budgets, planning and updates. The difference between these two websites is that although they offer very different representations of a business, the time and expense to maintian then will vary considerably.

There are plenty of ways to get yourself an online presence but one of the biggest pitfalls is process of being seen. With an all singing and dancing new site that has just been launched, if you are not being seen then it is money down the drain.

My philosophy with websites is that they should not be treated like any other form of marketing. Special offers come and go, a run of adverts come to an end, and product lines start and stop, but a website is a very organic thing.

A business and personal website evolve like a relationship, it goes through phases of development and growth spurts. The way you maintain any relationship is an indicator of the success that the relationship brings.

We deal with all business sizes, start up sites or taking on existing website projects and make a point of scaling the level of input between client and developer to make sure the project can process according to the deadline proposed.

All websites are hand coded and not put together from a template, because we want your site to be as individual as your company. However in contrast to other bespoke website developers, the service and products you receive are first class at competitive rates.

If you want to start a new relationship with customers you have never met then let us give you the right type of online presence, and provide the tools to maintain that new bond.

Getting online is a lot quicker and cheaper than most people think......

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